Sawa Media licenses esports channel to Jawwy TV

Sawa Rights Management is focused on the esports genre and recently licensed the ES24 to STC's Jawwy TV. The ES24 covers all the major leagues in the sports world.

jawwy esports sports

Sawa Rights Management, the licensing arm of Sawa Media, has announced that it has licensed ES24, an esports channel, to Saudi Telecom’s Jawwy TV.

In an exclusive interview with BroadcastPro ME, Ali Ajouz, CEO of Sawa Media said: “Esports is an emerging genre and we are managing the leading sports channels in the region. We represent two esports channels, Game 2 and ES24, and they are popular. ES24 covers all major leagues in the sports world. We have licensed this to Saudi Telecom (STC) for its Jawwy TV platform, along with 36 other channels. We recognise the importance of esports in the region and are focusing on it now.

“Sawa Media has around 250 TV channels, which we license to all kinds of pay-tv channels through Sawa Rights Management (SRM). At SRM, we have agreements with almost every single telco platform that runs an IPTV solution in the Middle East. We cover the full spectrum for supplying channels to pay-TV channels across the region,” he concluded.