Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios Networks closes distribution deal in MENA

Seven of Allen's Global Television Networks begin multi-year distribution deal via Sawa Rights Management on du.

Entertainment Studios Barry Allen

Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group division Entertainment Studios has announced that seven of its global television networks now receive the distribution in the UAE on the du telecom platform, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC).

This distribution deal to launch seven Entertainment Studios Networks channels on the du telecom platform was facilitated by SAWA Rights Management.

The Entertainment Studios division is one of the independent producers and distributors of film and television with 64 shows on the air and owner of 15 US.

The portfolio of seven Entertainment Studios Networks 24-hour HD global networks include Cars.TV, Comedy.TV, ES.TV, MyDestination.TV, Pets.TV, Recipe.TV, and Justice Central.TV.

This first deal between Entertainment Studios Networks and SAWA Rights Management is part of an overall arrangement that will soon extend to other Middle East nations, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Tunis, Algeria, Morocco, and their respective territories, possessions, and commonwealths.

Allen’s lifestyle networks add thousands of hours of entertaining content that is culturally friendly across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.  Focussing on travel, automotive, culinary, pets, comedy, celebrity entertainment, and courtroom drama, Entertainment Studios Networks delivers family-friendly programming that advertisers find compelling for their brands.

“The international demand for American content is a multi-billion dollar marketplace,” said Tom Devlin, President of International Television Sales/Marketing for Entertainment Studios. “We are excited to bring our portfolio of family-friendly lifestyle networks and programming to the Middle East and North Africa television markets for the first time as we continue to expand our network brands worldwide.”